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The Rising Star Foundation

Inspiring the Star in You!

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Welcome to The Rising Star Foundation

The Rising Star Foundation is a non-profit making company whose mission is to create opportunity for talented athletes irrespective of privilege on both a competitive and recreational basis. Ultimately we aim to do this through all the disciplines of riding but realistically the main focus is the discipline of Vaulting due to the affordability of this sport, through the use of one horse for many athletes. Vaulting is a new sport discipline in Africa. Many refer to it as gymnastics on the back of a moving horse.

The Vaulters work in harmony with the horse in walk or canter on a 15 meter circle controlled from the centre by a lunger. The Vaulter needs to combine the skills of flexibility, grace and strength from gymnastics, whilst absorbing the movement of the horse. It is essentially a team sport, because horse, vaulter and lunger must work together. Vaulters can compete as individual or pairs. The training of the vaulting horse requires highly developed equestrian skills.

All aims and objectives which involve National concerns will be handled through the appropriate National Sporting bodies which govern us.

Our express aims and objectives are to:

  • Enable all children access to Equestrian sport and its immense meaningful benefits
  • Provide a healthy environment for kids outside of school
  • Create a major school league culminating in school and national colors
  • Create a sustainable and rewarding sports structure
  • Create sustainable business opportunities
  • Create the ultimate National Team—The Swazi Flame!
  • Move for Vaulting to become an Olympic offering
  • Take our Swazi Flame to the World Equestrian Games and ultimately the Olympics!
  • Promote and assist in Equestrian Sport in Africa and beyond
  • Globalize the Rising Star Foundation

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Do you want to make a difference?

Become a Rising Star Partner or Patron by donating a monthly, annual or once off basis you can make a difference to so many young lives. Bringing hope and meaning into the life of even one child is a truly profound experience. Call now: +268 76020163 or email: info@swazi-lizkhar.com

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